воскресенье, 22 февраля 2015 г.

42029 Extended Customized Pickup Truck

Hello everyone! In this topic I want to talk about building a deeply modernized version of a set of 42029. In general, set the stage for another spy photos have already caused a lot of questions, and when he appeared officially for me so, he became the "most in need of modernization" set in 2014.
That's what I decided to change in this set:
According to the technique:
Added full motorization at RU, including - movement and functional.
Actually, I do not understand the functionality of the original set of tippers. Maybe I'm wrong, but the dump with an independent rear suspension is extremely rare. Then either need to change the suspension of the bridge, for greater realism, or remove function truck. I think it will choose the second option, because I plan to make a cabin-style double cab. I think the function itself truck replaced by remotely connected front-wheel drive.
Another motorized function I do my favorite winch.
I kept independent suspension front and rear. The drive is full, as I said, the plug. Front axis completely redone.
Replaced by a V6 V8 - so abruptly, and space allows.
In appearance:
Cab I zoom in on one door. Instead, the rear row of seats installed electrics and wiring.
Body decreased by 2 times, a la Toyota Hilux.
Color black.

XL motor - Driving
Servo motor - Steering
M motor - Winch
M motor - Switch-on front transmission
2 IR recievers for 4 RC functions
Switch - LED lights

download 42029 Extended RED


New exhaust in "Diesel power" style

Instead of  V6 is now set V8

now he has a rear bumper