пятница, 13 марта 2015 г.

CutLet 4x4

Hi! My new creation - CutLet 4x4. This is hybrid cars sedan and SUV. In this model I tried to include as much as possible power functions, that at this scale proved a challenge. And here is what I got. Due to lack of space in the cabin and an abundance of wires from the LED battery pack is a little crooked, but if you remove the wires from the lights, he vstent clearly and precisely.


Chassis 4x4, author - RM8 (Karshiev Egor) 
four-wheel drive 
Variable clearance 
XL motor - drive 
M motor - steering 
M motor - clearance 
L motor - Winch 
2x PF reciever V2 
4x PF LED Lights 

Model weight of 1 kg 

dimensions of the body: 
Length - 50 stud 
Width - 17 stud
Prototype of my project:


Сhassis design