понедельник, 25 декабря 2017 г.

Lego Rock Rod

My new off-road creation is ready! BuWizz charged! The tires are inflated! GO!

Find more information on this page


Building instruction

DC chequered flag STT PRO for Lego 4x4 MOCs!

воскресенье, 17 декабря 2017 г.

Oldschool JDM RC drift wheels fo new lego project!

KFORCE  RACING RC drift wheels - and how to adapt this wheels to lego with the pinion 12* (6859)

BUWIZZ brick. First meeting.

life's too short to stay stock! See a small review of BUWIZZ on my YouTube channel

понедельник, 9 октября 2017 г.

Lego Off-road trailer

Designed for trips to lego-forest for lego-firewood on off-road roads 

Free assembly instruction and part list in video

Together with such a lego-trailer, a lego-man can survive this cold lego-winter. Stock up with lego-firewood or go on a trip with additional lego-boxes and lego-canisters with lego-fuel (Octan)

Free building instruction and part list in video:

More photos on my Flickr

среда, 13 сентября 2017 г.

Lego Nissan Datsun Sbrick Edition + building instructions

My new lego Nissan Datsun is ready! With SBrick on board! And modify body.
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Building Instruction

понедельник, 3 апреля 2017 г.

Aesthetic MOD for Lego Nissan Datsun

I can't pass by and not note the modification of my Nissan from Nikolai Gamurar. BTW He is a fan of "aesthetic" mods of Lego sets and MOCs, like a sculptor, he cut off all unnecessary, shortened the rear overhang, removed various attributes of an off-roader in favor of the weight of the model. I think it turned out cool. Perhaps I even borrow some ideas.

среда, 8 февраля 2017 г.

Lego Nissan Datsun D21 (Hardbody) - Building instruction is ready!

Building instruction guide in PDF, 3D lxf with part list and custom stickers is ready now! You can buy it on this page

Just want to say that this story of this model, I did not finish and I want to continue it in the back of double cab body. Follow the news

суббота, 4 февраля 2017 г.

42041 RC

Another one of my projects - 42041 RC. Plans: buggy motor, SBrick and only black color. Sketches made in the beginning of '16, I think it's time to start building it in reality.