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Lego Technic Police Rancher

That's what that, and vehicles of special services Lego Technic series is not enough. This has led to collect something from this area. as a child I loved the police chevrolet caprice and ford crown victoria, hefty, square, which are so fond of in the trash break in Hollywood movies. The idea of gathering a dreadnought does not leave me now. But so far decided to try his hand at SUVs. Given the specificity of off-road chassis, build them from scratch is not that difficult - long needed break-in, testing, rework. Decided to base ready, working gear, and work on the design and functionality of the model itself. It was decided to base the good old chassis 9398. Soon, I began searching for ready-made modifications, but the eye to any modification of 9398 did not fall. And indeed many attempts to collect proportionally to the chassis body, admittedly, failed (41999 does not count). Maybe I'm not looking for it, I do not know. But here's the example from some Enforcer 1993 Crazy monster rare. But the direction is similar.
In general, the basis was taken Ford Bronco 1994, which at one time was regularly on duty sheriffs small American town. A body has decided to build on the 41999. So I want to fill small list of modifications of this exclusive set.

The result had been working, living fashion set 41999, having two winches, huge tyres 108mm (a pity that Lego has not produced similar). The only thing that I was too lazy to do - is to remove the differentials with them all the same chassis permeability significantly reduced.



LED lights switch

IR recievers for drive and winches

D.I.Y. stickers


Render from Lego digital designer

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