среда, 1 апреля 2015 г.

Airfield Tug (Tractor tug)

Hello evrybody! I want to share my project: Airfield Tug.
The idea to build something like this was the result of reflections on special equipment. But habitual excavators and cranes is not something that interested me, I wanted something unique. So it was decided to build the airfield tug. This is a very unusual car. They can be found only at airports or cargo terminals that require towing heavy loads. On public roads meet these monsters are unlikely to succeed.
Fresia SP 300
Schopf F396C

Studying their characteristics, concluded that the chassis must be AWD, lift cabin, steering on each axis should be individualized. And of course the mission is to be a big downgrade and maximum motorization. It took about a month to design and build the chassis.

In this project I used a linear dynamic range at all stages of construction, it saves a lot of time building. It is a pity that in this program there is still no L motor and servo motor, so you have to use dummies. And in renderers and did give them up.I hope Lego Group in the near future to fix it

Drive circuit jacks and chassis
I spent a lot of time designing the virtual to work out the basic parts and components and make a model similar to the original and recognizable.

And that's what happened in reality

Technical details:
During construction, I tried to repeat the most functional airfield tractor Schopf 300 series. The model has four-wheel drive with differential, steering each axis is independent. The front compartment is equipped with a lift. Also installed in the vehicle 4 along the perimeter of the jack as the original.
Weight - 2 kg
Number of pieces - 1800
Dimensions (L / W / H) 62/19/14 stud

Technical characteristics:
2xL engine two-seater in the drive;
2xServo steering on each axis;
1xL engine - lift / drop the front of the cab;
1xL engine to drive the four jacks (Powered by PF switch);
2xIR receiver V2
Large battery box
LEDs in the headlights

As a bonus, a little sketches on the theme of aviation

LXF file HERE. Enjoy! :)