пятница, 30 января 2015 г.


Hello everyone! Today I want to talk about their work, which last year won the 1st place in the "4x4 trophy challenge", held in the Russian community of "Lego Technic Russia".
The objective of the competition was to build a model of the finished chassis 4x4. Author chassis - Egor, aka Rm8.
I have long thought that the same construct. I wanted to create something non-standard and maximum functionality. As an electrician in Lego occupies a lot of space, it needed a big body model, so I came to the idea of construction of all-wheel drive van trophy. I named my project - "Expedition-Van".
The model has the V6 engine. Four-wheel drive and axle suspension.

Front bumper and roof mounted lights. In the main headlights I put LED lights

Rear roof also installed lights


I installed on the roof of a large trunk, lights installed along the edges of additional lighting. Right mounted ladder

All doors are open


Detailed salon

Electric connect and gearbox



On models equipped with two winches front and rear. Is driven by a motor. Turning through gearbox

And finnaly - video demonstration