четверг, 29 января 2015 г.

Buggy Half Life 2: Episode 2

The idea to create a model of my beloved game «Half Life 2: Episode Two» I visited last year. Even then, it began to develop in the LDD. Originally conceived to create a model exclusively mechanical. In the game, this car has a key role, in principle, most of the episode have to move on it. The basis for the developers took the Dodge Charger 1969, yellow, with missing elements of a body in front of that, in fact, makes it a buggy. 

What was supposed to include a model at the initial stage:
Engine V8, naturally aspirated,
drive back
Independent front suspension, rear - Bridge.
Wheels - raznoshirokie.
Starting work on the design, stumbled in Google already built a prototype of such a buggy, basically everything was small ... but there were also really cool. I wanted something serious, which has not yet been created

Then, gradually, I began to build my project in LDD:

... and make it a reality:

model in many respects resembles the individual nodes 41999

I paid great attention to detail of the cabin, or rather what was left of it :)

In the model I installed 4x-speed gearbox

front independent suspension

V8 with charger


fans of Half Life 2, do you hear that sound? ;)

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