четверг, 13 августа 2015 г.

Mountain rambler

Hi everybody! Another MOC is buggy with a hybrid suspension - more precisely, on the wheel-tracks. I inspired to build my very first Lego Technic set - 8414 Mountain Rambler, which appeared in my back in 1997. 

In his own work, I kept from him only the general concept of the chassis and appearance, but now, in 2015, it’s controlled remotely for the movement in the space correspond to the following elements:
XL motor - a movement
Servo motor - steering
IR V2 Receiver - remote control
Large battery box - power

Regarding the mechanics - the front independent suspension is set, the rear suspension is a two Caterpillar track rigidly fixed to each other. The steering wheel rotates when you turn the wheel. Drive - rear, as a consequence of the model mostly bedroom.

In appearance Mountain Rambler in the style of classic buggies, with a double cabin, roof rack, hellish exhausts, and a huge amount of fog lamps.