воскресенье, 5 июля 2015 г.

ГЗА-651 (GZA-651)

GZA-651 - Bus bonnet layout timber-framed body on the chassis of the GAZ-51, manufactured at USSR since 1949. In 1952. On the basis of GZA-651 designers was created a whole family of special buses and vans. They also had a names - PAZ-, RARZ-, KAVZ-651

This work is built specifically for the competition in the group in Lego Technic Russia  - "Modification of the GAZ-51". By the way, the ancestor lego model GAZ-51 is Super-Jaschka from euribricks.com . And in the European Community eurobriks.com his work was added to the Hall of Fame, and it is - an honor! :)

Initially, plans to participate in the competition was not, time was short, but suddenly remembered that GAZ-51 is a real modification - KAVZ bus, as I recall at the moment. As a child, even I had a chance to ride in this, though he was already on the chassis later GAZ-52. I climbed to search for information, find and understand - I will build.

To build the model has left the full day. The model is based on constant chassis Jacob with the hood, but the body itself and the platform beneath it had to be rebuilt. All created on the fly, the entire building was transferred in parallel to the linear dynamic range that the model was not distortions and everything was tailored precisely. Well, it turned out in the end what happened :)

LXF file is available here: