суббота, 9 мая 2015 г.


Terrascout 8x8

Mobile Geological Research Laboratory "Terrascout" is a mobile complex for cross-country eight-wheel all-wheel drive chassis to perform the tasks of geological exploration in remote places. The crew - 4 people - a driver, a senior geologist, drilling rig operator, technician-geologist.


2 large battery box
1 small battery box
2 Infrared receiver
2 Infrared receiver V2
4 L motors to the drive wheels
1 Servo motor on the steering
1 M motor to the drive motor winch
1 M motor to the drive lifting / lowering the boom
1 M motor to the drive outriggers
1 M motor to the drive borax
1 M motor to the drive mechanism for lifting / lowering of the drill

The model uses modified chassis 9398 bridges, tied at one servomotor. Shock absorbers replaced by shortened to reduce stroke suspension and transferred to 1 stud, for the stability of the body. The total weight of the model - 4.8 kg. Model out netrialnoy, lowering less than in 9398 crawler, weight and dimensions of the model (in the stowed position: length - 95 studs, width - 23 studs, height - 35 studs) have a significant impact on the movement of cross-country off-road painting and lubricate Differentials (promised myself not to put them, but still stuck, I do not know why). On a flat surface with small solid obstacles Terrascout jumps to cheer. The main functionality of the model lies in the drilling boom that has two positions - working and marching. Himself drill on the boom - removable for possible extension for drilling deep wells. Cab Terrascout divided into two zones - the driver's cab and the remote control rig with laboratory equipment.