Lego Technic Suzuki Jimny Trial & Trophy customs

Hello! Today I am pleased to present to the general public of the two brothers - Lego Technic Suzuki Jimny Trial Custom and Lego Technic Suzuki Jimny Trophy Custom. They are united, above all, not just a long name, but also a common chassis, all-wheel drive and compact size.

Many have already had the opportunity to see them in Moscow on arrival offroad competitions where Jimny Trial Custom showed a good course time, despite the fact that he has not got to the final :)

XL - Movement
Servo - steering
LiPo - Power
SBrick - control
Rubber - fischertechnik 80 mm

 Instructions for Suzuki Jimny Trial Custom you may download HERE

Instructions for Suzuki Jimny Trophy Custom you may download HERE

Also I take this opportunity to express my gratitude for Jackson inspiration received from its chassis Jeep Comanche

Some outdoor photos

Models are made in the off-road style, and have all its attributes - extra lights, safety railings, stingers high clearance

Thanks for your attention! :) I hope you like my works

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