Lego Technic RANCHER 4x4

Hello! Today I am pleased to present new MOC - RANCHER 4x4

The basis of this model was a completely new chassis, the creation of which took me almost two months. The model is based on the support frame mounted with its two L motors and a small battery pack. To fasten the frame of continuous two gantry axle - which significantly increases the reliability of the transmission. Servo motor is mounted directly on the front axle. As I chose the stake so beloved by all, but it is quite rare on the Tumbler wheels - 81,6x44 mm. I think this is one of the best wheels from LEGO, along with 94,3x38 from the Unimog.

Structurally, the model is made of two main elements - the chassis and body. Wherein the body chassis is attached to only 4 points. This allows you to bet on this ground any body.

The very same body in the style of American SUV late 80's early 90's. I will not hide in the head sitting here's the monster from the movie "Last Action Hero."

The model opens the hood, doors, there is a detailed interior and a powerful speaker system;)

Specifications and features:
Four-wheel drive, portal axles uncut;
Tires 81,6x44 (Tumbler)
2L motors - the drive motor;
Servo motor - steering;
3xLED - lights;
Small battery pack;
Modular design - a body attached to the chassis by 4 points;
Opened doors, hood and door body

Soon I'll post a detailed assembly instructions RANCHER 4x4, stay tuned;)

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