Lego Technic Hardbody Stance Pickup

Hi! So arrived the next JDM / Stance / Shakotan / Low - as you like - project.

To see how nimble turned model I recommend to see this  Video

At this time, I was inspired to build a pickup Nissan Datsun (Nissan Hardbody) mid-90's in D21 body.

Discharge the same, after more than 20 years and are often subjected to tuning of the workhorses in turn underestimated pickups, producing from under a bunch of sparks at the slightest bump.

The model is based on rear-wheel drive chassis with independent suspension front and rear axle.
Buggy motor is responsible for the nimble movements of pickup space, and servo motor helps to dodge all of a sudden in the way of obstacles. Controlled all so beloved by me, SBrick, and electrician feeds LiPo pack. With the receiver from LEGO model is unlikely to make friends, because he would kill her at first dumb on turn - very high speed, but not so on the reliability front end :)
The design of the rear suspension allows the use of one buggy motor and a pair of L-Motors, which are also good model piles, given that the pickup weight is 750 grams.

During construction, I paid much attention to appearance of model, for it had to use than the non traditional parts of series Lego Technic - bricks and plates. I think this model is good for producing a combination thereof. To complete the style I used custom stickers around the perimeter of the pickup.Also, I carefully approached the building and interior detail - there is, and the instrument panel and gearbox lever arm, naturally the steering wheel and seats.

More photos:

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