Lego Technic Aircraft Tug XL: building instructions

Hi everybody! That time has come when you can build your own Aircraft Tug XL! As a bonus, I put a yellow version on the yellow rims from Lego Technic 42030. The basic model is presented in 4 LXF-files: model assembly, chassis, cabin and body. There is also a handout I put the file with three HTML files created in Lego Digital Designer 4.2, a phased construction of each of the three basic elements of the model.

If you want to build the model, you must have this electric parts:

2x Servo Motor (Lego part number - 99498c01)

2x XL motors (Lego part number - 58121c01)

3x M motors (Lego part number - 58120c01)

3x IR receivers (Lego part number - 58123c01)

3x Remote controlers (Lego part number -58122c01)

2x Large battery boxes (Lego part number - 59510c01)

2x Wire extension (Lego part number - 60656)

Also, the assembly must take into account that in the LDD is that there are new black pin 3L (Lego part number - 18651).
For this model, they need to have 4 pieces. The instructions are replaced with black 3L axes .
The rest - the party lists of files.
Servo motors in the Lego Digital Designer is also not available :(. Places of their installation on the chassis - between light gray 5x7 frames front and rear.

I laid out the files with the models and instructions you can download absolutely free of charge and distributed without restriction.
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Links on LXF files of Aircraft Tug XL and HTML Building instructions:

HTML Building Instructions of Lego Technic Aircraft Tug XL you may download HERE

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