Lego Rock Rod

Hi Lego fans!

Rock Rod - my new creation. It's the crawler, on the construction of which I was inspired by the fierce custom projects from HAUK Designs. Especially, where, no matter how on the crawler to run a fresh RC rubber from DC and BuWizz.

At the output was a relatively light on the portal bridges crawler. At the heart of the model is also the philosophy of placing motors on bridges, to reduce the center of gravity and minimize weight and inertia of the body.

Technical characteristics of the model:
Weight (together with a technic-figure) - 817 g.
Number of parts - 617 pcs.
Steering - Servo motor
Movement - two L motors
Power / Control - BuWizz

Even the "sofa" trial allows us to understand that additions such as non-standard tires and BuWizz significantly expand the scope of use and possibilities of radio controlled Lego models. It remains to wait until the snow comes down, to ride Rock Rod on the rocks. But you can do this earlier by collecting Rock Rod by following the link below

More photos:

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