GAZ Tiger SPM-2 - Building Instruction

Building instruction of GAZ Tiger is available now!

You can buy and download 3D LXF building instruction of this model right now - only 6$

Building Instruction for GAZ Tiger SPM-2 by filsawgood consist of:
PDF Guide
3D LXF files – Chassis, body, assembled model.
Part List in JPEG
Instruction for the model GAZ Tiger is made in the format LDD (Lego Digital Designer) and consists of three files:
For step-by-step assembly of the model, you need:
   •Install Lego Digital Designer on your computer. This program is free, you can download it on the official website of Lego (
   •After a successful installation, open any file from the 3D LXF folder
   •After opening the file in the Lego Digital Designer program, you must press the F7 key to start the creation of the instruction.
   •Once the instruction is ready, you can step-by-step start building a model

The assembly of the model is divided into three main stages.

Stage 1 - Assembly of the chassis

Stage 2 - Body assembly

Stage 3 – Assembled model

Parts list

Terms of use and dissemination

1. Manual (PDF, doc, lxf, LDraw, jpg, png, any video formats) as well as the models themselves are laid out in the public domain, you can distribute unlimited amounts on all resources, not forgetting to leave a link to the original source:
2. Instructions with limited access (PDF, doc, lxf, LDraw, jpg, png, any video formats), including pay, distribute anywhere else is prohibited.

3. By purchasing the instructions, you are responsible in accordance with these "Terms of use and dissemination"

4. The user has violated the "Terms of use and dissemination" shall be entered in the black list filsawgood Lego Technic Creations community forever.

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